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Quality, technology and trust are words that guide the execution of all Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem projects.

Bertolini Technology Center, created in August 2009 and reopened in April 2017, is one of the most modern storage systems analysis laboratories in Brazil. In the TC, new products are researched and developed. In addition, it scientifically certifies the safety and quality of Bertolini products, following the current national and international standards.

Specific tests
(NBR 15,524 / FEM 10.2.02), Upright compression, Beam bending stress, Rigidity of connector hooks, Specific tests.

The Technology Center has a specialized technical team and equipment with advanced technology for the analysis of storage systems, capable of applying loads of up to 50 tons to different components. The combination of state-of-the-art training, technology and advanced structural analysis software, and the experience of over 50 years contributes to the strength, quality and reliability of the Bertolini brand.

Special paint coating

The surface treatment and painting applied by Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem S/A are performed using technologies and an automated control system that ensures maximum performance and durability of the products, consisting of immersion baths and electrostatic powder coating with polymerization in ovens.

Paint polymerization takes place in an oven under controlled temperature and time, and Bertolini ensures the ideal interval and temperature for each paint type and material thickness, thus ensuring a better finishing of the parts.

Conventional surface treatment processes such as phosphating, impacts the environment and require a large volume of natural resources, especially water. It also generates a sludge with phosphates, zinc, iron, nickel and manganese, which means that the phosphate wash water is also contaminated with heavy metals (nickel, zinc and manganese).

Bertolini’s surface treatment system preserves the environment, because the company uses an industrial effluent treatment system which aims to completely reuse the industrial water, replacing only what is lost by evaporation from the baths.