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estrutura para transelevadores unit load
The Stacker Crane system (Unit Load) performs the movement of pallets and goods in an automatic way, through a software system, providing the reduction of delivery time and adding cost benefits to the company.
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These are some of the features that make up the Stacker Crane system. Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem specializes in structures for automated vertical warehouses, working together with integrators in Brazil and in the world that provide all the mechanical and software automation, resulting in high performance projects and technological frontier.

The storage structures for Stacker Cranes (Unit Load) developed by Bertolini, rely on the know-how of more than 120 thousand pallets already installed and in operation in Brazil and Latin America. The structural profiles were developed through our own national technology in our Bertolini Technological Center (CTB), and can be assembled in conventional buildings or as self-supporting warehouses.

- Modular and scalable product;

- Adaptation to various sizes of pallets or loads; 

- Turn key suplly option; 

- After sales with safety inspections and spare parts. 

TheStacker Crane system conceptually operates through logistics techniques that provide the best use of available space in warehouses, allied to automatic movement, and adds positively to the cost-benefit ratio of companies. The economy in the operation stands out in the costs of stock movement, in the reduction of forklifts, and in the decrease of storage errors.

For the movements in the storage process, the automation inserted in each manual operation simplifies the interaction with the stored products through computerized systems. Besides this, this system allows total integration to the WMS, facilitating the stock control in real time.

This system ideally offers two forms of storage operation: pallets and boxes. For each one there are fundamental advantages that further add to logistics operations:

- The "product-to-man" principle reduces access times to stored items;

- Excellent use of the available headroom;

- High storage density;

- Reduction of storage area;

- Modern warehouse management systems integrated with modern organizational practices allow permanent control of stock and high productivity;

- High accessibility to all stored items;

- Automated operations for storage and removal allow easy handling of cargo, even with heavy items;

- Enclosure of automated systems restricts access to high value-added stock areas.

This is a system indicated for areas of order picking, distribution center, industry storage, as well as organization of fractional order assembly. It is ideal for stocks with low and high turnover items, items of type A, B and C of the ABC curve.

It can also operate in conjunction with systems: Flow Rack Bertolini, Industrial Conveyors and Pick-by-light.

Bertolini develops systems like this one through integrator partners, projecting in an individualized way in the layout of each project, using as base the procedures and needs of the company. Those who seek innovation and automation with the best quality in the market seek Bertolini products!

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