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Used for storage and picking of unpalletized cargo, small items stored in plastic or cardboard boxes, among other single or loose items, the Light Shelving developed by Bertolini enables warehousing operations, offering better results for the company.
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Based on the technical knowledge and needs of companies that operate warehousing, Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem developed Light Shelving.

This system offers logistics processes to store items on a continuous surface without the need of accessories such as boxes and pallets.

Thus, the main advantage of this type of storage is it flexible use for storage processes. It is of great importance to companies that stores small goods.

Another important point of this type of system is the method of operation, since the products can be loaded and unloaded without any equipment, all being done manually.

The warehouse space will look different when using this system, since it is possible to add one or more walkway floors, as well as shelf levels, which aids in the performance of operations. In addition, the shelves offer stairs that connect to different levels, always in accordance with current regulations. It increases the capacity for picking, storage, handling, and reduces order processing times.

The use of this storage system takes place in order picking and handling areas on multilevel levels, warehouses, storage of loose items, auto parts and small items in general.

Bertolini develops projects according to the needs of each company. Projects such as Light Shelving have special characteristics that offers strength and safety to the employees and the company.

For the construction of the structure of the Light Shelving System are used:

- Frames;
- Stringers; Beams;
-; Picking shelf;
- Floors: can be metal or wooden panels;
- Dividers: help in the classification of stored items;
- Panels: has the function of protecting and isolating the items.

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