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Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem operation is fully focused on the safety of the company and of its employees inside the warehouse. In order to maintain the quality standards, it offers technical inspections by trained professionals that check the safety of the storage structures. General evaluations of the structures, survey of structural components that need to be changed, inspection reports and issuance of ARTs (Technical Responsibility Annotations) are performed.
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Performing inspection services values the company’s vision of a competitive market, after all, the result of this operation benefits everyone and promotes a positive attitude in the storage industry, ensuring many benefits. In addition to the safety provided to the full set of tools and procedures within the company, it adds value to the employees’ lives. Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem recognizes this work and understands that the construction of a logistics process requires Inspection Services in addition to modern systems and quality products.

Learn about the main factors that cause damage to storage structures:

- Layout change without consulting technicians and suppliers;
- Loading the structures above the design specifications;
- Reckless forklift operation;
- Use of storage systems provided by companies that do not follow standards;
- Use of non-original replacement components, with poor quality and no origin;
- Absence of protectors in the structures;
- Absence of a inspection and monitoring plan for the structures

Bertolini offers technical safety inspections for warehouses. Endowed with advanced knowledge, the technicians go to your company and check the safety of the palletized storage system in accordance with current regulations.

Learn about the applicable technical standards:

- NBR 15524-1: Storage systems. Part 1: Terminology.

- NBR 15524-2: Storage systems. Part 2: Guidelines for the use of selective pallet rack structures.

Quarterly, semi-annual and annual inspection options are available, as well as Extraordinary or Single inspections.

Our services provide a general technical assessment of the storage structures, signaling of points of attention in the structures, surveys of structural components that need replacement, with option of supply by Bertolini, in addition to the provision of technical reports of inspection and ART (Technical Responsibility Annotation).

Look for quality services. Companies that operate with logistics processes need to have safety in their operations. Hiring Bertolini is synonymous with safety and efficiency.

Service Steps

- Survey of measures and conditions of the structures;
- Identification of defective structural components for replacement;
- Survey of possible causes of damage to the structure;
- Assessment of floor conditions.

What is Delivered:

- Technical Report containing information on the conditions of the structure;
- ART (Technical Responsibility Annotation) related to the report issued;
- Corrective method of the safety levels according to technical standard ABNT NBR 15524-2: 2007
- Risk Map - Physical marking of the elements and risk classification of the pallet and accessory storage units.

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