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The Pallet Shuttle system, or Radio Shuttle Racking, enables a high storage density with multiple depths. Its form of operation is based on the FIFO (first in, first out) and LIFO (last in, first out) principles and can be operated semi-automatically, with forklifts, or 100% automated, with stacker cranes or multi level shuttles.
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As estruturas de armazenagem para este sistema são desenvolvidas pela Bertolini e contam com uma grande base instalada e em operação no Brasil e na América Latina. Os perfis estruturais foram elaborados através de tecnologia nacional em nosso Centro Tecnológico Bertolini (CTB), podendo ser montado em prédios convencionais ou como armazéns autoportantes.

The storage structures for this system are developed by Bertolini and have a large installed and operating base in Brazil and Latin America. The structural profiles were prepared using national technology at our Bertolini Technological Center (CTB) and can be mounted in conventional buildings or as clad-rack warehouses. 

Multi-depth systems such as the Pallet Shuttle offers a high level of utilization of the available space and shortens the time spent moving goods, which reduces the operational costs of companies.

Another positive point of this system is the reduction of accidents with operators. It is designed to provide the best way to work at speed in loading and unloading operations, always with safety first, which reduces the risk of accidents or structural damage to the storage system.

The Pallet  Shuttle is equipped with high performance batteries, remote control and enables integration with WMS. The shuttle is placed in the lane entrance with standard forklifts, which can insert and extract pallets 100% automated. It also allows operations based on the FIFO (first in, first out) and LIFO (last in, first out) principles, following the necessities of each project.

It is intended for areas of preparation of orders for shipment and for cold and frozen products. It can also be used in production buffers, seasonal storage or industrial storage

In distribution operations where picking and custom order preparation for each customer is required, the Bertolini’s Pallet Shuttle combines storage density with the possibility of using FIFO, and a specific area to quickly access the products and perform the task.

For companies looking for innovation in their warehouses for bulky products and heavy loads with low to medium turnover, this system is the perfect solution.

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