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empilhadeira realizando o push back
The Push Back System, developed by Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem allows high storage density and excellent use of the storage volume. It operates based on the LIFO (last in - first out) principle, being a low cost option for companies.
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Developed based on technical knowledge and search for the best performing storage solution for production lines, the Push Back System allows high storage density and optimum use of the stored goods volume.

This system is a variant of the Bertolini Live-storage structures, with a simple and reliable operation according to the LIFO (last in - first out) concept, ideal for implementation in production and stock buffers.

The operation according to the LIFO (last in - first out) principle works as follows: When a pallet is removed from the channel, the other pallets move smoothly by gravity towards the front position at the same speed that the pallet is removed, this way the first pallet stored will be the last one to be removed, benefiting the processes and the workforce.

One characteristic of this process is the lack of speed regulating brakes, making it a low cost option for the company.

Ideal for medium inventory rotation, its structure is compact and it has only one storage aisle. The entry beams designed by Bertolini help to protect the rollers from potential crashes of the forklift and pallet during loading and unloading operations, increasing the durability and reliability of the system. This reduces medium to long term maintenance costs and allows for uninterrupted operation.

Push Back can be used in distribution centers, industrial warehouses, distributors and retailers, in frozen and cold chambers, as well as in production buffer zones.

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