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Pallet racks, one of the storage systems most used by companies, are easy and quick to handle. They make it easier to search for products and are adaptable to changes in the size of the space where they are located. Therefore, they are an essential tool for the storage business.
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Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem develops fully customized projects according to the characteristics and needs of each company. In order to maximize and optimize the logistics operations, pallet racks are essential tools for those looking for organization and control of their inventory.

This type of pallet rack system is often used in distribution centers, warehouses and companies that handle large stocks of goods.

With favorable characteristics, it operates correctly in order picking, works with medium to high product turnover and can be extended to large structures, working in any positioning direction.

In terms of operation, the pallet rack is a system compatible with all types of forklifts available on the market and it also supports various combinations of dimensions, weight and load volume.

Conventional Pallet Rack

The Conventional Pallet Rack System provides easy access to the stored pallets, allowing for easy location and movement of any stored items. The storage levels are easily adjusted by repositioning the structure, expanding the range and diversity of storage loads, resulting in operational handling benefits and cost effectiveness for the business.

- Easy access to any pallet;
- Wide range of SKUs;
- Easily adaptable to different types of handling equipment;
- Low investment;
- Flexible solutions;
- Possibility of combining storage and picking.

Double-Deep Pallet Rack

The Double-deep Pallet Solution enables two pallets to be stored at the same level, and a single aisle allows access to four pallets per level, two on each side. This process reduces the need for aisles, allowing better utilization of warehouse space. It is used together with pantograph forklifts.

- Less occupation of the warehouse area;
- Increased storage capacity;
- Optimization, up to 35% of storage space can be saved due to better utilization.

Narrow Aisle Pallet Rack

The main feature of the Narrow Aisle Pallet Rack is the increased compactness of the stored material. In addition, its structure allows it to reach great heights, which allows it to be used in restricted areas. It is used together with trilateral forklifts, specific for this application, that can be operated combined with guide rails or by an induction guide system.

- Tall structures allow optimal utilization of the available space;
- Fast resupply and picking with trilateral forklifts;
- Storage with articulated forklifts.

The search for the best layout in each project developed by Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem is embodied in this pallet rack system. They are the result of an intelligent framework, developed by a company committed to generating the best value for your project.

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