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Indicated for the storage of perishable products, the Live Storage System, developed by Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem, adds value to your inventory because it ensures increased productivity and high turnover of goods.
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The live Storage System developed by Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem guarantees several benefits to the stock that will be added. Suitable for various types of operations, from the beginning of production to the inventory of high turnover products, it operates based on the FIFO principle (first in - first out).

Recommended for controlling cargo that require attention to the expiration date, perishable products, the FIFO principle supplies the goods from one end and removing it from the opposite end, due to which the first pallet stored will be the first one to be removed, ideal for this type of cargo.

Regarding the methodology applied to the operation, the Live storage system has inclined tracks by which the pallets slides on rollers by the force of gravity to where it will remain for a certain time.

This system allows compact installations in small spaces, however, the loading and unloading aisles are separated, which increases operation performance and saves time.

Bertolini develops the live storage system according to the needs of each customer, its structures have two variants: push back racking and carton flow racking.

Push Back racking allows for high storage density and optimum utilization in terms of volume of the stored cargo. The LIFO (last in - first out) principle is used in its operation, that is, the first pallet stored will be the last one to be removed. It is a system suitable for medium inventory rotation, because its structure is compact and has only one aisle for storage and unloading.

Carton flow is ideal for small goods and cargo with high inventory turnover. It is recommended for type A items on the ABC curve. It features reduced picking time and high efficiency of the production lines. operation based on the first in first out (FIFO) principle, it has separate loading and unloading aisles. It can be perfectly integrated with the Pick-by-light system, according to the needs of your company.

Solutions such as this one, developed with Bertolini team’s technical expertise, are suitable for companies looking for high performance in their logistics operations.

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