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Bertolini has an area that works exclusively in automation. Through it, we offer integrated systems for the fractional, full case and split case line. These solutions are based on the Industrial Conveyors System, which ensures the rapid picking and movement of orders.
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On average, 50% of the costs of a Distribution Center are linked to aspects related to people and the travel time of products and equipment within the units. In this sense, Bertolini transporters are able to promote the economy of companies. Added to this, the products contribute to the agility in the order picking process.

The main differential of our Industrial Conveyors System is that they can be implemented in companies in different segments. For this, the Bertolini team goes to the operation, identifies processes, analyzes data and presents a customized solution for the organization. Based on that, we work together to guarantee the improvement of internal processes and, above all, the agility in the separation of orders.

Bertolini has three models of Industrial Conveyors System:

Driven roller conveyor belt, which represents savings and increased productivity. It is suitable for transporting boxes, pallets and other materials horizontally, straight or curved.

Gravity or non-driven roller conveyor belt: it is versatile and can be used in different segments. In addition to the agility in transporting materials, it improves the comfort of those who operate it.

And the roller conveyor belt by canvas (in sheet metal or on rollers): it has high resistance. Flexible, this model allows the transport of products of different sizes, but does not operate in a curve.

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