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Compact and cost effective, the Bertolini Drive-In System provides savings for the storage of large quantities of goods. It reduces by up to 50% the storage space used, in addition, it provides gains in the depth dimension of its structure.
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The Drive In System developed by Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem provides numerous advantages and flexibility for the logistics processes of companies that adopt it. In its structure there are no loading aisles, so the products are stored in depth, allowing for a high occupancy rate and storage volume.

This system is strongly recommended for low and medium turnover products. As a feature, it keeps seasonal products stored for much longer undamaged, since there are no stacked pallets and zero load, i.e. it is compact storage, commonly known as block stacking, which favors these types of goods.

For its application, being a high control system, it is an ideal solution for the production of food industries, frozen and cooled chambers, and production buffer zone.

This system was strategically developed with the users in mind, resulting in convenience and favoring the operation process.

Bertolini’s Drive-In racking system contains high performance galvanized and structural steel elements, providing greater resistance to friction and abrasion caused by the daily movement of pallets.

The basic elements of a Drive-In racking system are:

Frames - designed with fittings for precision and agility in the assembly. They are screwed in and allow for easy relocation.

Support arm and rails - ensure maximum height utilization, providing strength and protection. If any pallet moves when being put in place it will be supported by the rail on the opposite side.

Guide rail - Allows a forklift equipped with idlers (retractable or counterbalanced) to enter smoothly, providing convenience and safety to the operator facing the structure.

Upright reinforcement - has a shape that facilitates pallet entry and reinforces the uprights in the area.

The safety built into the development of robust and durable elements for the storage process is critical. And this is Bertolini’s mission - to ensure that operations are carried out successfully and safely.

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