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estrutura de cantilever em fabrica
A versatile storage system, Cantilever, developed by Bertolini, enables the storage of various types of goods with different dimensions. Its structure has specific characteristics such as center column and support arms that provide high strength and continuous improvement in work practices.
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Developing projects that add value to industries and warehouses is the mission of Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem, and the Cantilever System, is the translation of this purpose.

With its simple, sturdy and easy to handle structure, Cantilever provides excellent storage for companies that need to stock items , products and goods, i.e. with large and varied dimensions.

Companies that store raw materials in large quantities can also rely on this system. All these processes combined with Cantilever racking favor the logistics processes in an assertive manner.

Regarding its operation, it has both horizontal and vertical structures, which benefits all processes carried out inside the environment in which it is used. Depending on the space available in the environment that will be exposed, the Cantilever system can undergo modifications and be expanded to both sides without limitations, which brings versatility to companies that need to store long products.

In order to offer quality storage, the implementation of this system, more than maximizing the daily processes, has important aspects thought and prepared for the company’s future: floor and leveling.

This way, the Cantilever racking is installed, essential for the results to be achieved, becoming a highly profitable investment for companies looking for innovation and improvements.

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