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Companies that want to grow cannot rely on manual operation.
While the workforce is essential for business development, labor can be much better used in functions that differ from loading, organizing and transporting goods. 
It is for these functions that storage equipment is used. The automation of processes that were previously manual only brings benefits to the distribution center (DC), because it reduces the chances of loss or damage of products.
These solutions also improve the organization of the space and the safety conditions of the operation.
What are storage equipment?
Storage equipment can be classified into different categories. Check below some of the most common models and how they can benefit your warehouse or distribution center:
Pallet Rack System
This is one of the systems most used by companies because of its fast handling. The Pallet Door favors the search for goods and are adaptable to changes in size in relation to the space they are inserted. 
The Pallet Holder storage equipment operates correctly in order picking, works with medium to high product turnover and can be extended to large structures. Thus, it can act in any direction of positioning.
Regarding operation, the Pallet Truck is a system compatible with all types of forklifts available on the market. It also supports different combinations between dimensions, weight and load volume.
Bertolini offers three types of Pallet Rack System
● conventional;
● double depth;
● narrow aisle. 
Regardless of the types of storage equipment chosen, managers will notice improvements in stock control, storage optimization and organization for the company. 
Clad Rack Warehouse
Bertolini Autoportante reduces the need for common steps in the construction of a conventional warehouse, making the investment more profitable. In other words, with less execution time if compared to the conventional system anticipating the return on the invested capital.
These storage equipments are constituted of the highest level of engineering solutions, supporting large loads and heights. Its structure protects the goods from any climatic adversities, reducing the chances of product breakage. 
Moreover, the self-supporting warehouse is adaptable to the spaces because it is developed in a verticalized way. It offers different degrees of automation and unites, in one equipment, intelligent structure, high performance and resistance. 
Carton Flow Rack System
Among the storage equipment available, the Flow Rack is very popular because its operation does not depend on human action - gravity does almost all the work.
Thanks to a conveyor belt or rollers, the material enters on one side and leaves on the other. When the material is removed, the next item takes its place. Thus, the order remains that the first to enter is the first to leave, according to the First In, First Out (FIFO) philosophy.
This philosophy is essential in the industry, especially those dealing with stricter expiry dates. This is the case with perishable foods, for example. 
When we think about this philosophy, it is easy to understand why Flow Rack is so beneficial: the "queues" move as new products are put in line. So the first to arrive are the first to leave, improving the flow of control. 
Other advantages of the Carton Flow Racksystem include 
● perfect integration with other systems;
● high productivity performance;
● savings of up to 70% in travel time.
Cantilever System
As we are talking about storage equipment, it is impossible to leave out the Cantilever system. It is especially recommended for companies that need to stock large parts, products and goods. 
This system has horizontal and vertical structures, benefiting all the processes carried out within the environment in which it will be inserted. If necessary, the Cantilever system can undergo changes to better meet the company's needs. 
The implementation of this equipment has important aspects thought out and prepared for the future of the company: flooring and leveling. Its adoption brings great benefits to the warehouse because it is a resistant system, providing a true positive investment. Moreover, its simplified structure increases the flow of daily activities.
Other advantages of storage equipment of this type are that they can store various types of material, with a fast operational process and suitable for changes. 
Shelving System
Finally, we have the Estanteria system. Bertolini developed Estanteria Leve from the technical knowledge and needs of companies that operate with storage. This equipment offers logistic processes the storage of items on a continuous surface, without the need of utilitarian accessories, such as boxes and pallets. 
Therefore, the main advantage of this system is its flexibility in use for storage processes. In addition, its operation allows the loading and withdrawal of products to take place manually, which is optimal for small companies. 
This storage equipment changes the layout of the space because it is possible to add one or more walkway floors. Likewise, shelf levels can be added, which helps in the development of operations. 
In addition, the shelves offer stairs that connect to the different levels, always in accordance with current regulations. This increases the capacity for picking, storage and order picking. At the same time, it reduces order processing time.
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