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A system developed to provide optimization, both in warehouse space and organization, is mainly used to store large varieties of palletized products.
What is the Pallet Rack System?
The Pallet Rack System, in short, refers to a large structure, that is, large shelves that have the function of storing goods. Thus, this system is aimed at benefiting the way products of any kind and/or species remain stored so that they do not suffer damage or fall.
It is a system developed to provide optimization, both in the space of a warehouse and in the organization, and is used mainly to store large varieties of palletized products.
In addition, it is a system that allows easy and fast access through the use of forklifts, which guarantees selectivity and high speed of movement, when compared to other storage systems.
Learn how to implement the Pallet Rack System.
The Pallet Truck System offers as a great advantage the management of its mechanisms, and its configuration can be easily changed and increased, provided it is previously validated with the manufacturer. It is a system with a relatively low initial investment and quite flexible.
The system is easily integrated with stock management methodologies such as barcodes, where all information about the product, the owner, the destination of the transport and other people related to the goods being transported is easily accessible.
The Pallet Holder has become essential for storage, with useful and practical accessories, it allows to optimize the storage of any model and pallet load.
Where is the Pallet Rack System applied?
In order to provide maximization and optimization in logistics operations, Pallet Racks are essential tools for those seeking organization and control in their inventory.
This type of system, the Pallet Carrier, is often applied in distribution centers, warehouses and companies that work with large stocks of goods, where the project parameters are: low initial investment and 100% selectivity.
Considering that the pallets are placed in the structure of the storage system with the use of forklifts or stacker cranes, they can support from small volumes to loads over 2.5 tons.
Get to know the advantages of the Pallet Rack System.
For those who operate with goods storage, it is worth highlighting some of the advantages that this system brings:
- Excellent stock control, since it is developed with technology and technical knowledge, being a system of easy and fast handling, which favors the search and control of goods.
- Protection of stored products, with shelves and structure that eliminates the crushing forces on the products, thus protecting and maintaining the original characteristics of the products inserted there.
- Optimization in storage, the Pallet Holder System, ensures average to high turnover of products and goods within the warehouse of companies, which helps in the optimization of storage in relation to expiry dates, for example.
- It offers warehouse organization, because each pallet is stored in exclusive places, being able to be a storage system indicated for any and all types of storage, such as companies that receive or ship products in palletized loads.
- Organization for the company, in front of a structure that promotes good and wide use of space, becomes an excellent option for the organization of storage in companies, through structures easily adaptable and verticalized, receives goods of any size, i.e., dimensions, volume and different weights.
Learn about the structure of the Pallet Rack System.
Within this storage system, there are three ways to operate, get to know how each one operates.
Conventional Pallet Truck
The Conventional Pallet Truck System provides easy access to the stored pallets, allowing easy location and movement of any of the stored items. Storage levels are easily adjusted by repositioning the structure, provided previously authorized by the manufacturer's design engineering, expanding a range of diversity in loads for storage, resulting in benefits in operation handling and cost benefit to the company.
Having as ally the great variety of SKU's, easy adaptation to different types of handling equipment, a low investment and flexible solutions, as well as the possibility to combine storage with picking.
Double Depth Pallet Door
The Double Depth Pallet Holder solution allows the storage of two pallets at depth on the same level, with a single aisle allowing access to four pallets per level, two on each side. This process reduces the need for aisles, allowing a better use of space in the warehouse. It is used through the use of pantographic forklifts.
Selectivity in this configuration is reduced by 50%, depending on the triple or quadruple lines. However, the storage capacity can be increased by up to 35%, offering less occupation of the warehouse area due to better utilization.
Narrow Corridor Pallet Door
The Narrow Corridor Pallet Door has as main characteristic to increase the compacting capacity of the storage area in relation to the area intended for movement (corridors). It can be used from trilateral or articulated forklifts.
Three-way trucks, specific for this application, can operate in aisles of up to 1.8 m. They need to be operated with the aid of guide rails, where it is necessary to use a level of stringers on the ground or by an induction guide system, allowing the first level to be stored on the floor itself. This equipment requires special attention to the levelling of the floor according to its constructive aspect.
The articulated forklifts are similar to the conventional ones, but with an articulation system between the tower and the chassis, which allows storing without the need for the forklift's rotation. It can operate between 2.0 m and 2.2 m without great demands on the leveling of the floor and without the need for guides. This equipment allows to mix the strict aisle model at double depth.
These forklifts also allow access to greater heights than conventional forklifts, which favors increasing the rate of stored pallets per m².
Bertolini Pallet Rack System
Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem develops totally customized projects, according to the characteristics and needs that each company demands.
In order to provide maximization and optimization in logistics operations, the Bertolini Pallet Holder System is an essential tool for those who seek organization and control in their stock with low initial investment.
The search for the best layout in each project developed by Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem, is present in the consulting model of its sales force and is the result of an intelligent structure, developed by a company committed to generating the best cost benefit to its project.
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