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The Transelevalor system is a structure that performs the automatic movement and storage of palletized goods (Unit Load) or in boxes (Miniloads), integrated with the WMS software.
What is the Stacker Crane system?
The Transelevalor system is a structure which moves and stores palletized goods automatically (Unit Load) or in boxes (Miniloads), integrated with the WMS software.
Its operation is carried out using logistical techniques that provide the best use of available space in warehouses, reduction of forklifts and the reduction of errors in storage. Allied to the automatic movement, it adds positive cost benefit in companies.
Its functions allow the warehouse entry and exit operations to be performed through an optimized programming of dedicated software, called WCS, which results in reduced operating time, increased productivity and assertiveness within the warehouse, as well as economic positioning.
What is the difference between pallets and miniload?
For pallet storage, the automation of manual operations simplifies the interaction with the stored products through computerized systems, allowing integration to the WMS and facilitating the control of stocks in real time.
The economy in the operation stands out in the costs of stock movement, in the reduction of forklifts and in the reduction of errors, besides, the automated systems can be enclosed, restricting the access to high added value stocks.
The main advantages refer to the reduction of delivery and handling time, as well as low error rate, constant stock availability and greater efficiency in the use of available space and, thus, having access to information in real time.
For the storage of Boxes (Miniload), the order-picking facilities focused on the product-to-man strategy (good-to-person), integrate perfectly with the current demands of value generation through the supply chain.
How is the Transelevator system applied?
For the application of the Stacker Crane system, in order to capture its best result and efficiency, the ideal is to insert it in the installations of order picking areas, distribution center, industry storage, as well as the organization of the assembly of fractionated orders.
How are Stacker Crane operations organised?
The stacker crane system is organised from 100% automated operations, allowing total integration with the WMS software. In addition, it covers the possibility of operation in conjunction with Flow Rack systems, automated conveyor belts and Pick-by-light.
When it comes to movements within the storage process, the automation inserted in each manual operation simplifies the interaction with the stored products through the computerized system, resulting from the integration to the WMS, thus facilitating the control of stocks in real time.
What is your principle of action?
The principle is introduced for its action: product to man, where the operator does not move from the picking station, but a machine takes the goods to the position where the operator is, and leaves the product within reach.
This offers increased efficiency for the warehouse, while ensuring an improvement in quality.
Understand how the integration of the WMS system operates
"Warehouse Management System, is a warehouse management system. This software system automates and contributes to the daily operations within the warehouses.
Its use makes the storage and shipping processes much more strategic, contributing to the efficiency of the picking processes, control of movements within the stock, such as receipt to shipping. It also optimizes space, goods storage layout, measurement and area planning.
It also reduces storage costs, labor and waiting time
Get to know the different types of layout Bertolini works with
Whether for pallet or box operations, the Stacker Crane system has various options in automated layout, adding even more value to logistics operations.
Get to know the layout forms that are fundamental to logistical operations:
- Automated system of simple depth for pallets;
- Double-depth automated system for pallets;
- Single-depth automated system for miniloads;
- Double-depth automated system for miniloads;
- Storage lung with integrated picking;
- Storage lung with separate picking.
Advantages of Bertolini Stacker Crane
This system offers excellent use of the storage area, with a structure of narrow aisles, with height, width and depth that give the possibility of adjustments to the dimensions of the warehouse, ensuring the advantage in using the storage area.
Another characteristic that this system has are its two forms of operation in storage: pallets and boxes. For each one, there are fundamental advantages that further aggregate the logistic operations:
Advantages of automated storage of pallets and/or boxes:
- The "product-to-man" principle, which reduces access time to stored items;
- High storage density = Decrease of the storage area;
- Modern warehouse management systems integrated to modern organizational practices, allowing permanent stock control and high productivity;
- High accessibility to all stored items;
- Automated operations for storage and removal, allowing easy handling of loads, even with heavier goods;
- And the enclaving of automated systems, restricting access to high value-added stock areas.
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