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The Mezzanine provides not only versatility in its mechanisms, but also a willingness to work in new ways, either to create a totally new environment or simply to support the logistics processes carried out within a warehouse.
What is the Mezzanine System?
A system geared towards various functionalities, it is characterised by its versatility. It is frequently used in industries that want to build an area beyond the traditional warehouse, far away from the production or stock sector, for example.
Likewise, its application allows the creation of areas for order separations, warehouses for goods or among other types of projects. In addition, it expands the capacity of the useful area in a warehouse, being practical and economical.
This is a system that enables the verticalisation of the warehouse, i.e. it is always an excellent resource for those who wish to make the most of the available space and avoid migrating from the environment, building or renting a larger space.
Where does the Mezzanine System have its application?
For the application of the Mezzanine System, it can be inserted in industries that wish to build an office away from the production or stock sector - as already mentioned.
In the same way, its application allows the creation of areas for order picking, warehouses for light items or among other types of projects.
Another matter of great importance is to align the versatility that this system offers with some structural information, that is, to check the layout of the area or total area the type of floor used, the free height under the mezzanine and also, the maximum load distributed per square meter.
Ways to use this system
We already know that this is a very versatile system, ideal to be used as a great tool to increase space and create new environments, allowing a better use of the available area, as well as increasing productivity and capacity when dealing with high volume demands.
In addition, the Mezzanine can be a tool for application not only in warehouses, but also in commercial or residential environments, adding positively to the inserted environment.
Stock storage
In order to expand the storage space of goods and products, always taking into account fundamental characteristics in relation to floor, structure and capacity, it is a system used for stock storage and provides better results as an organization.
Creation of offices
Used as a separate warehouse, the Mezzanine System provides the creation of administrative offices, for example, among other types of construction, all according to the company's needs.
How can it complement other systems?
In addition to all the versatility in space that the Mezzanine System provides, it can also be an excellent complement to other logistics systems.
We list some that operating together strengthen even more the processes within a warehouse. Get to know them:
Pallet Holder System
These are steel structures intended for the verticalisation of the warehouse for better use of space, intended for the stocking of palletised goods.
Often, this type of system, Pallet Carrier, has its application in distribution centers, warehouses and companies that work with large stocks of goods.
With favorable characteristics, it operates correctly in order picking, works with medium to high turnover of products and can be extended to large structures, to act in any direction of positioning.
Flow Rack System
It operates in the picking of orders in installations that operate according to the principle of product to man, adding in the increase of productivity and accuracy in the picking and assembly of fractional orders.
Ideal for small goods and loads such as plastic boxes, cardboard boxes or individual items, performs high turnover within the stock.
Features such as separate work aisles ensure that stock replenishment does not interfere with order picking, with the possibility of storing more than one box per unit.
Know the structure of the Mezzanine System
To implant the Mezzanine System in a warehouse, it is necessary to be aware of a fundamental characteristic, that is, what is the floor used inside this place.
This point is crucial because it will determine whether the warehouse is prepared to receive an extra structure within the space, as well as whether it is capable of supporting the weight of that structure added to the weight of the goods that will be stored there.
Bearing in mind that in cases where this certification does not occur, it is possible that the building infrastructure will not be able to withstand the installation.
Formed by modules composed of bolted trusses, it supports a certain volume of load. Still on the structure, the Mezzanine System is built with two specific types of floors, chosen according to the company itself, Metallic floor or Wall floor with the cementitious finish, accompanied by the guardrail protection. Thus, having security.
Advantages that the Mezzanine System offers
The Mezzanine System offers several advantages for those who choose to use it, know some:
Expansion of the area
With structural steel material, it is a system that multiplies its platform, reaching several floors, thus extending the useful area.
Several possibilities
This is a system used to create several other sectors, such as offices, another type of segment to stock materials, or among other applications.
Its possibilities are diverse and versatile the exclusive need of the company.
It complements other systems and sectors
As it is a multifunctional system, investment in the Mezzanine System does not invalidate or exclude the possibility of using other combined systems, thus being characterised as an excellent complementary system.
Easy assembly and disassembly
With its dismountable and versatile steel structure, it is an ideal system for companies seeking to assign value in the form of daily work, as well as having the easy possibility of assembling and disassembling the structure of the Mezzanine System.
Bertolini Mezzanine System
Developed by Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem based on technical knowledge and the idea of providing advantages with a totally versatile, flexible and profitable system to companies that adopt it. The Bertolini Mezzanine provides not only versatility in its mechanisms, but also availability for new ways of working.
Whether for the creation of a totally new environment or simply to support the logistics processes carried out within a warehouse.
However, the Bertolini Mezzanine System has a bodyguard for receiving cargo that meets NBR 9050, NBR 9077 and NR12 standards, using the thesis methodology of NBR 14718.
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