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Indicated for companies looking for high performance in their logistics operations, this is a perfect solution, because it aims to store goods and products in an agile and organized way.
What is the Dynamic System?
The Dynamic System is a tool for logistics processes, installed inside a warehouse.
It aims to store goods and products in the most agile and organized way, because the goods that are inserted in a Dynamic System are often characterized by perishables.
In addition, it operates from two variants, which offers greater versatility to companies that operate with this system, because it reaches different types of goods and thus has its operations based on the FIFO principle (First in, First out) which ensures the high turnover of these goods.
Where does the Dynamic System have its application?
Ideal for shipping areas that require more agility, it is suitable for various forms of cargo operations, especially perishable cargo.
It is inserted from the beginning of a production until the moment when the goods will be destined to a stock, it is very indicated for those who operate with products that suffer great outflow.
Operation based on the FIFO Principle
The FIFO Principle (First in, First out) has its translation as "First in, First out".
Its concept is simple, basically the company must work with queues, in which as the new products are placed in the queue, the old ones are removed, obeying the order of arrival of the items in stock.
This method is generally used in medium turnover stocks and mainly where the shelf life of the stored product is a fundamental factor, as in the case of frozen and perishable products.
Suitable for various forms of operations with loads, it is indicated for the storage of perishable products, because it adds value to the stock in which it is inserted, ensures increased productivity and high turnover of goods. This is a principle that can be used from the beginning of a production until the moment when the goods will be destined to stock.
Understand how this system works
Its structure is formed by storage racks with inclined planes and roller tracks that move the load by gravity and automatic flow. It maintains constant speed, as they are used throughout the speed regulation and separator tracks.
Their operations are based on the FIFO (First in, First out) principle of storage management, where the first product stored is the first to be removed from the structure. They operate from the moment the goods enter the warehouse, that is, they enter in a lateral direction, through forklift trucks with the pallets and slide independently, through the inclination of the conveyors, from the place of delivery to the place of withdrawal.
The dynamic storage structure is therefore the most suitable for storing any quantity of the same item, ensuring that the oldest goods are the first to be used.
Advantages that the Dynamic System offers
The Dynamic System offers several advantages to a company that operates from the stock of goods, known as an excellent tool for organization, greatly optimizes the logistics operations within the stock.
Moreover, the structure of the Dynamic System operates based on the FIFO principle (First in, First out), which makes the conveyor belts enable the goods to move independently to the place of withdrawal, generating shorter picking paths and control for any type of failure in the process. In this way, it is possible to operate with all the goods without losing their validity.
Thus, it can be concluded that the Dynamic System operates with the best use of space within the warehouse, optimizes the monitoring of batches and series of products by expiration dates and reduces the internal transportation path of the goods combined with the shortest time for separation of loading and unloading.
Bertolini Dynamic System
The Dynamic System developed by Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem, guarantees several benefits to the stock that will be inserted.
Suitable for several types of operations, ranging from the beginning of production to the stock of high turnover products, it operates from the FIFO (First in, First out) principle.
Regarding the methodology applied to the form of operation, the Dynamic System has sloping tracks, in which the pallet slides on rollers by the action of gravity to where it will remain for a certain time.
This is a system that allows compact installations to be applied for small spaces, however, the supply and withdrawal corridors are separated, which increases the performance of the operation and time savings.
Components of Bertolini Dynamics
The Bertolini Dynamic components are developed internally, in the Bertolini Test Laboratory, using the latest technologies available with focus on customer needs.
The in-house manufacturing allows ample quality control and agility in meeting market needs. Some specific characteristics of Dinâmico Bertolini deserve to be highlighted for its functionalities, quality and safety they offer.
Bertolini rollers have high resistance with injected tips in engineering plastic with shielded bearings for anti-freezing.
Speed Controllers
Bertolini Speed Controllers, on the other hand, have self-adjusting centrifugal force braking mechanisms for pallets from 100kg to 1300kg, armored and lubricated with anti-freeze grease.
Pallet Separator
This mechanism allows pallets to be removed without damaging the load. Designed to withstand high loads and numerous operating cycles, it favours the logistics of goods.
Input and output beams
Reinforced profiles designed to protect the rollers from the shocks that can occur during the loading and/or unloading operations of the structure, promote the increase of durability and reliability of Bertolini Dynamics.
Suitable for companies looking for high performance in their logistics operations, this is a perfect solution. Developed from the technical knowledge of the Bertolini Storage Systems team, it adds value to the stock, guarantees the increase of productivity and high turnover of goods.
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