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This Cookie Policy aims to provide guidance to you, the User of our Website, on how your personal data is processed through the use of Cookies.
The Cookie Policy must be read and interpreted in conjunction with the Bertolini Group's Privacy Policy.
When browsing our Website and using our services, you consent to the use of Cookies, according to the management and options chosen by you when accessing and browsing our Website.
1. What are Cookies?
Cookies are text files that track your preferences as you visit a Website.
Cookies can be from Session or Persistent, according to the characteristics below:

Session Cookies

These are temporary cookies used to store information about your access to and use of the Website during your visit to the Website. This type of Cookie expires and , and pages viewed anonymously.

1 day



These cookies are installed by Google Universal Analytics to reduce the request rate and to limit the pasting of data on high-traffic websites.

1 minute


5. How to set cookie preferences on our website
When accessing and using our Website, you will notice a pop-up window with information about collected Cookies and their purposes, allowing you to manage your consent to that functionality.
By default, we will only collect data through Cookies classified in the required category. For the other categories, you must actively consent by clicking on the accept option, so that you can enjoy the navigation facilities made possible by them.
6. How to set browsers to block Cookies
The user may object to the registration of Cookies on the website by disabling this option in their own browser or device.
Disabling Cookies, however, can affect the availability of some tools and features of the website, compromising its correct and expected operation, in addition to possibly removing user preferences that may have been saved, which may harm the experience of accessing, browsing and purchasing on our Website.
Each browser has its own area for management and information regarding the collection and storage of Cookies. Below, we list the links to access this functionality in the most commonly used browsers:

nternet Explorer


Google Chrome 

Mozila Firefox


7. Additional Information
We may change and/or update this Cookie Policy whenever necessary or when any information contained in this document is modified. We advise that this Policy be consulted whenever you access our website or have questions about the treatment of your personal data using Cookies.
Additional information regarding the processing of personal data on our Website can be consulted at any time in our Privacy Policy.
8. Contact
In case of any doubt regarding the provisions contained in this Cookies Policy, the user may contact us through the service channels available on our Website or by contacting the Person Responsible for the Processing of Personal Data (DPO) of Grupo Bertolini, as per Follow:
Name: [Sheila Pastore]
Contact: []
Last updated: July 5, 2021