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What was done
The great Brazilian company MOR, was born in the municipality of Santa Cruz do Sul and aims to develop innovative and quality solutions for its consumers. Known for selling products for Home, Camping and Leisure, it is also the market leader, entitled as the largest manufacturer of beach chairs in Brazil. It also has a unit in the city of São Paulo, in addition to the consolidated factory in the hometown. Operating from finished products, areas are used for static storage, with the help of forklifts that promote movement within the warehouse. Its main forms of operation are through systems such as pallet trucks, stacker cranes and drive-in in a self-supporting warehouse. The high daily turnover of products for Home, Camping and Leisure is operated from a complete strategic system, developed and built by Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem. In this project a Freestanding building with 38 meters in height and Miniload for picking was delivered, reducing manpower by 30% compared to conventional operations. The storage and control of automated stock promote greater organization and agility in the separation and loading of products, supplying all regions of Brazil, Mercosur and other world markets that the MOR Company serves. Combined with the quality of labor and safety of those involved in all logistical processes, the structure provided by Bertolini Storage System ensured the optimization of time and space organization within the customer's warehouse. UNIT LOAD 25200 pallet positions, 4200 pallets / day - 125 pallets / hour, with a pallet weight of 600 kgf. With 14 levels of height, with a ceiling height of 32 meters, pallets from 1250 mm to 2050 mm in height. 5 double stacking aisle corridors in a 127 x 38 m building. Miniload 2736 boxes at 9.4 meters high, 45 meters deep, 12 levels high with 2 aisles at 100 double cycles per hour.