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foto case rede globo Bertolini Armazenagem delivers projects for the Recording Module 4 (MG4): Rede Globo's new studio complex.
What was done
Rede Globo de Televisão closed with Bertolini Armazenagem, a solutions company for intelligent storage in Serra Gaúcha, six stock and storage projects for the MG4: Recording Module 4. The structures delivered in May this year (walkway and cantilever type) have already are being used and the most recent acquisitions are planned for November. The first stage of the project was produced in approximately 40 days and the assembly time was 30 days. The first sector where the system is installed is the Heavy Counter-Rule, in an area of ​​620 square meters. The type of storage structure in this location is the Cantilever, which will accommodate medium and large furniture, such as sofas, chairs, tables, benches, armchairs, cabinets, appliances and the like. In the Counter-Rule Light sector, with an area of ​​420 square meters, the structure is the Catwalk/Pallet type and stores furniture and/or materials of different dimensions, such as paintings, bed, table and bath, kitchenware (crockery and the like), various props, picture frames, vases, mirrors, electronics, lighting material, sports materials, curtains and blinds, and other decorative items. The Clothing sector also gained storage from Bertolini, with Porta Pallet Leve, in an area of ​​920 square meters, organizing the "Costume" as clothes of all types and accessories, shoes, hats, glasses, and as "Characterization" as items of beauty, makeup, hair dryers and similar equipment, shampoos, conditioners, scissors, among others. The projects were developed and consolidated together with Globo's engineering department, aiming at the supply and installation of storage structures for Recording Module 4 of Estúdios Globo, based on logistical concepts approved by the Producer. Bertolini, as a supplier, considered in the scope the development of the project, supply, transport and delivery of equipment at Estúdios Globo, assembly services, tests, reports and all the necessary installation for the beginning of use by TV Globo. To win the bid, Bertolini Armazenagem followed all the guidelines established by the client's compliance department, having to present detailed schedules of each technical project, covering manufacturing, transport, delivery and installation, as well as the macro schedule of the bidding and Globo's needs as example below. Globo has been a Bertolini client since the 1990s and other similar projects were closed over the years. “It is very gratifying for Grupo Bertolini, in the year it celebrates 50 years of history, to participate in a project of the magnitude of the MG4, consolidating a long-standing partnership with the Globo client”, says Sérgio Lacerda Barreto, commercial supervisor.