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What was done
In order to be able to carry out all the logistical processes in the stock of these products, Medchap has teamed up with Bertolini on an innovative project, especially for its distribution centers when it comes to picking orders. 

In Medchap's distribution centers, the picking of fractional orders begins at Order Start, where operators include tickets with the order number in a box that goes to the automated "U" shaped conveyors produced by Bertolini. 

With a functional pick-by-light station, the products can be included in the order easily, as they are located through a system of indicator lights on the storage structures.  And to ensure greater safety and responsibility, a single operator is responsible for collecting the controlled drugs, which are kept at a specific point in the warehouse. 

Once they have been selected, the box containing the products is sent back to the conveyor belts for checking. At this point, the orders are checked, packaged and separated for distribution, releasing the box to return on another fully automated conveyor. 

To store all these products, which will be selected for order picking, Medchap also has three thousand seven hundred and eighty-four pallet racking positions for whole orders and seven thousand six hundred positions for fractional orders, also made by Bertolini.

Thanks to Bertolini, Medchap has more logistical strategies and state-of-the-art structures to serve its thousands of customers quickly and efficiently.