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video case friato With 1,078 m² of structure, Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem signed a contract with Friato in June 2018. In October of the following year, assembly began, which lasted 28 days. The structures were delivered by Bertolini on October 31, 2019.
What was done
Bertolini Sistemas de Armazenagem, a reference in its segment in the South American market, installed the systems that equip the Friato Alimentos stock, in Pires do Rio, Goiás. Bertolini has been with Friato, a food company, for over 15 years, having equipped the company with its structures during this decade and a half. These installations were all made in the city of Goiás. How was the choice of structures used and which types were installed? Bertolini had to carry out a detailed study on site, looking at the possibility of several different types of storage structures, to choose the one that would best fit the layout. The high number of pallets that would be handled was taken into account, in addition to the type of product to be stocked – frozen foods. This thorough evaluation helped to highlight that the ideal system would be a structure with two types of products used together, Dynamic and Push Back. Through the Dynamic system, with FIFO mechanism (first in, first out, or first in is first out), Friato manages to have greater control over products with higher turnover and also over expiration dates, through the control of entry and exit of goods. The Push Back system uses LIFO (last in, first out, or last in is first out), which makes it possible to take care of products with lower turnover. In addition, the time taken to remove the pallets from the chamber for loading was reduced, resulting in a reduction in the delivery time of the products to the end customer.